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To make up for having had to bring forward by a week the dates for our "Works Outing" gala, we ran a special Heritage Diesel weekend on 21st and 22nd September 2019. This featured two of our heritage diesel locomotives running on each day, including running down the little-used Balm Road branch.

On each day normal fares applied, but a special timetable was in operation, as follows.

Moor Road Depart Balm Road Arrive Balm Road Depart Moor Road Arrive Moor Road Depart Park Halt Arrive Park Halt Depart Moor Road Arrive
11:00 11:05 11:07 11:12 11:20 11:28 11:35 11:45
11:50 11:55 11:57 12:02 12:10 12:18 12:25 12:35
12:40 12:45 12:47 12:52 13:00 13:08 13:15 13:25
14:00 14:05 14:07 14:12 14:20 14:28 14:35 14:45
14:50 14:55 14:57 15:02 15:10 15:18 15:25 15:35
15:40 15:45 15:47 15:52 16:00 16:08 16:15 16:25


Which locomotives operated on each day was fixed nearer the date, once we were sure that qualified crews were available. The actual turns were as follows.

 Turn  Locomotive
 Saturday 21st September, Loco 1   HC D1373 Mersey Docks & Harbour Board 45 
 Saturday 21st September, Loco 2  HE 1786 Courage
 Sunday 22nd September, Loco 1  HE 1697 John Alcock
 Sunday 22nd September, Loco 2  HC D577 Mary


LMS 7051 (HE 1697)



HE 1697 John Alcock (LMS 7051) on a special train at the Gala event for the 50th anniversary of the preservation of the Middleton Railway, in 2010.

Picture © Tony Cowling 2010.

Please note that, while every effort will be made to run the scheduled locomotive(s) on each day, we can not guarantee to be able to do so, and the Railway reserves the right to alter, cancel or suspend any train without notice. No liability is accepted for any loss, inconvenience or delay caused, either by having to operate with an alternative locomotive or by any alteration cancellation or suspension of the Railway's train services.

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