Santa with train

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Special Events

A special event train

A special event train on the Balm Road branch

Train Services with Special Features

We run a series of special events during the year, with train services plus extra features. Some of these will be special attractions such as events for children, or family walks in the park, or our model railway exhibition.

Others will involve special trains, such as mixed trains (with goods wagons as well as coaches), or gala events with several locomotives in use.

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Heritage Diesel Services

heritage diesel locomotives

Two of our heritage diesel locomotives at Moor Road

Our Historic Diesel Locomotives

We have an interesting collection of heritage diesel locomotives, meaning ones that are pre-1950s. Indeed, several of them are real pioneers of diesel traction, dating back to the 1930s.

For this reason they are not in regular use, but we try to run a series of special days when they operate our normal train services, so as to give visitors opportunities to see them in action.

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Previous Special Events

a previous special event train

A train on the Balm Road branch as part of a previous special event

Important Events that We Have Run

As described above, in each year we normally run a significant programme of special events. Some of these are sufficiently memorable that we think that they are worth recording, and so we have kept the information that was used to publicise them.

In some cases we have added photographs of the significant features of the events.

Click here for details of these previous events.

More Information

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