Santa with train

Our Santa Special trains are now running, but are all fully booked - Click here for more details.

To avoid disappointment, please do not travel to the railway for these trains unless you have already booked your tickets in advance. If you do have tickets booked, then please make sure that you arrive in good time for your train.

Santa with train

We are now taking advance bookings for our Santa Special trains - Click here for more details.

You can book online for trains where seats are still available.

The largest part of our Engine House building is the display hall, where our collection of locomotives and other rolling stock is displayed.  You pass through this on your way to the platform for a train ride, but do take time to stop and look at what is on display - there is much to see!  The railway is accredited as a museum, and over its long history it has accumulated many historic items, and a wide selection of these are displayed here - and explanations are provided, so that you can understand what you are looking at.

One of the first things that you will see as you come into the display hall is the replica that we have produced of one of the rack wheels from the original 1812 steam locomotives.  This was manufactured in 2012, in connection with the events that we organised to celebrate 200 years of successful commercial steam locomotives.  Along with this rack wheel, we also have displays explaining why those early locomotives used a rack and pinion system, how it worked then, and where the modern equivalents are used.

replica rack wheel



The replica of a rack wheel from the railway's original locomotives.

Picture © Tony Cowling 2014.

Also at this end of the display hall there are exhibits that illustrate how steam locomotives were built (many of them here in Leeds, only a mile or two away), and how they are maintained now.  These exhibits include various items that have had to be replaced, and the wooden patterns used in making the replacements.  In particular there is an old locomotive boiler, which has been opened up so that you can see inside it, to show how such boilers are made.

locomotive building display



Part of the locomotive building display, including the opened up boiler.

Picture © Tony Cowling 2014.

Another very popular exhibit is that two of our steam locomotives are arranged with steps up to them, and a walkway alongside them, so that you can visit their cabs.  Children (and adults as well!) really can pretend to be an engine driver here.  Then, further along the display hall, there are some fine models on display, as well as real locomotives - both diesel and steam.

visit a steam locomotive cab



One of the steam locomotives where you can visit the cab.

Picture © Tony Cowling 2014.


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