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Historic steam crane

[Made In Leeds]

historic Booth crane


Historical note:  This crane is believed to have been built for the Great Western Railway while this railway still had some broad gauge track (ie before 1892), as the crane has fittings that are intended for use on broad gauge rails as well as a set that are intended for standard gauge rails.

Built Probably early 1890s, by Joseph Booth & Bros, at Rodley, near Leeds
Load capacity 2 tons
Jib length 31' (approx 9.4 metres)
Previously worked Probably on the GWR, before being sold for industrial use. It had been used by Clayton, Son & Co Ltd. prior to the early years of preservation of the MRT.
Entered collection Donated by Clayton, Son & Co Ltd. in 1983, when their Dartmouth Yard closed
Current status Displayed as a static exhibit, but requires the jib re-fitting


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