Santa with train

Our Santa Special trains are now running, but are all fully booked - Click here for more details.

To avoid disappointment, please do not travel to the railway for these trains unless you have already booked your tickets in advance. If you do have tickets booked, then please make sure that you arrive in good time for your train.

Santa with train

We are now taking advance bookings for our Santa Special trains - Click here for more details.

You can book online for trains where seats are still available.

We have a fascinating collection of objects which between them illustrate the history of the Middleton Railway, the history of industrial railways like it, and the history of the industry that grew up in the Leeds area for building railway locomotives, cranes and other associated machinery.  These pages will tell you more about these objects.

Rolling Stock Collection

Our collection of railway rolling stock (ie locomotives, coaches, wagons, etc) is the heart of our museum collection.  Separate pages give more details of different groups of rolling stock, as follows.

Some of these items of rolling stock are operational, meaning that you may be able to see them running in trains (or even ride in them or behind them), while others are in the course of being restored to operational condition in our workshops, so that normally you would not be able to see them.  Many of the rest are on display while they are waiting for work that will restore them to operational condition;  and there are just a few that are simply waiting for this sort of work, but are not yet in a condition to be displayed properly.

Other Items

Details of other items in our museum collection will be added to these pages in due course.


A separate page summarises the history of the Middleton Railway, as follows.

A much more detailed account of this history is published in our official history, which is available from our shop.

For our Diamond Jubilee in 2020, the corona virus pandemic meant that most of the activities to mark this anniversary had to be cancelled, and so instead we created a separate page containing archive Images.

More recently, following the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, we created a page containing a reflection on the passage of time, which is what history is all about.

More Information

Other pages provide more information about:

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