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We are now taking advance bookings for our Santa Special trains - Click here for more details.

You can book online for trains where seats are still available.

In our shop we have all sorts of souvenirs and toys for sale, as well as books and DVDs.  In particular these souvenirs include the following sales lines.

Middleton Railway items

These include various useful items in Middleton Railway "livery", as illustrated below.  Typical prices for these items are:

  • badges 50p,
  • coasters 50p,
  • key fobs 80p to £1.35p,
  • bookmarks £1.00p, and
  • fridge magnets 85p to £1.35p.

various MRT souvenirs

In particular, a very popular item is the mug illustrated below, which is dish-washer proof, and costs £3.00p.

Middleton mug

Model Railway items

A very popular range of models is the TeamsterZ models of locomotives and other vehicles, such as the ones illustrated below.  For locomotives and railway vehicles these vary in price from about £4.60p to about £6.80p each.  There are also cars and other road vehicles (not illustrated here), which vary in price from about £2.00 to about £5.20p each.

TeamsterZ models

As well as these we have various items in the "Thomas the Tank Engine" series, which are not illustrated here (and more expensive!).

We also have the "Rolling Stock" range of models, together with trainsets that include the wooden track on which these models run, as illustrated below.  The models themselves vary in price from about £2.40p to about £9.50p each, while the trainset is £18.00p.  We also have packs of the wooden track components (not illustrated here), which vary in prices from about £2.60p to about £3.70p per pack.

Rolling Stock models

Rolling Stock trainset

Other Toys

For those who would prefer something that is not so obviously railway themed, we also have various attractive soft toys, as illustrated below.  The teddy bears are between £4.25p and £4.50p each, and the "cuddles time" dolls are £3.60p each.

soft toys

More Information

Other pages give more information about other kinds of items that we have for sale, as follows:

Or you can return to the "Refreshments and Souvenirs" section of the Visit Us page.

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