We have an interesting collection of heritage diesel locomotives (ie pre-1950s), one of which is illustrated below, and these services are arranged specially to give you opportunities to see some of them running.

For each of these heritage diesel days the normal timetable and fares will apply, and on each day one of the locomotives will be in operation.  We shall only be fixing which locomotive will be operating on each day a short time in advance, once we can be reasonably certain that we will be able to operate the advertised locomotive, which does depend both on the locomotives themselves and on the availability of suitably qualified crew. 

We have seven heritage diesel days scheduled for 2020, as follows.

  • Saturday 4th April 2020 (as part of our Community and Volunteering Day). We had hoped to run both HE 1697 John Alcock and HE 1786 Courage on this day, but this event has now been cancelled as a precaution against the coronavirus.
  • Saturday 2nd May 2020.
  • Saturday 6th June 2020.
  • Saturday 5th September 2020.
  • Saturday 19th September 2020 (as part of the Heritage Open Day).
  • Sunday 20th September 2020 (as part of the Heritage Open Day).
  • Saturday 3rd October 2020.

We do not expect to arrange any others this year, or to use heritage diesels on other ordinary train services, although we may use one or more of them (as well as other locomotives) during either of our gala weekends.

LMS 7051



HE 1697 John Alcock (LMS 7051) on a special train at the Gala event for the 50th anniversary of the preservation of the Middleton Railway, in 2010.

Picture © Tony Cowling 2010.

Please note that, while every effort will be made to run the scheduled locomotive(s) on each day, we can not guarantee to be able to do so, and the Railway reserves the right to alter, cancel or suspend any train without notice. No liability is accepted for any loss, inconvenience or delay caused, either by having to operate with an alternative locomotive or by any alteration cancellation or suspension of the Railway's train services.

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The start of our train services for this year has been deferred until at least the beginning of May: watch this space for more details.

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