0-4-0 diesel mechanical railcar 'DB998901'

Drewry Car


Built 1950, by the Baguley Cars division at Burton-on-Trent
Weight 16 tons 10 cwt
Length over buffers 29' 5" (approx 9.0 m)
Driving wheels 2' 6" diameter (approx 76 cm)
Engine 4 cylinder Gardner 4LW, 68 hp
Previously worked Originally the British Railways Woodhead line, for overhead line maintenance, and then the research department, Old Dalby, Leicestershire
Entered collection Purchased by the EM2 Locomotive Society in 1997
Current status Partly restored following serious damage from an arson attack in February 2016.  See the separate page for Project Phoenix for more details of this restoration.


More details of this locomotive are given in our stockbook.

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