Santa with train

Our Santa Special trains are now running, but are all fully booked - Click here for more details.

To avoid disappointment, please do not travel to the railway for these trains unless you have already booked your tickets in advance. If you do have tickets booked, then please make sure that you arrive in good time for your train.

Santa with train

We are now taking advance bookings for our Santa Special trains - Click here for more details.

You can book online for trains where seats are still available.

Visiting the Railway and riding on the trains helps to support us in preserving and developing the Middleton Railway, but if you would like to give us more support then there are two possible ways in which you could do so, as follows.

Involvement as a Member

shop staff

Our shop staff are all volunteers, and will be pleased to help you become a member, or to answer any queries that you may have about becoming a member

Come and join us!

You could become a member of the railway (or, more precisely, of the company that runs it). Membership offers various benefits, such as a number of free rides on the train each year, and receipt of our quarterly magazine The Old Run. It also benefits the work of the railway, both through the subscription that is payable and through adding your voice to the many who support the work that we are trying to do.

A separate page gives more details of the benefits of becoming a member, and of how to join us.

Involvement as a Volunteer

engineers in the workshop

Some of our volunteer engineers (including one of our Volunteer Liaison Officers) in the workshop

Come and work with us!

If you want to do more than just become a member, then you could become a volunteer and join the others who help to actually keep the railway running - since it is run entirely by volunteers. You do need to be a member in order to become a volunteer, but then there are all sorts of opportunities open to you, as we need a huge variety of skills to cover all the different aspects of operating the railway. So, you may have just the skill or experience that we are looking for, or volunteering could give you the opportunity to try your hand at some completely new activity, as well as meeting new people.

Separate pages give more details of:

More Information

If you want to know more about getting involved, other pages of our web site will provide more information about:

More generally, other pages of our web site will provide more information about:

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