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As part of our "Last Coals to Leeds" project, a plaque has been created as a memorial to all those who worked at the Middleton Broom Colliery during the 100 years of its existence, and particularly to those who gave their lives in the course of this work.  Eventually this plaque will be located right at the south end of our Moor Road platform, where trains depart heading for Park Halt (on the edge of the site where the colliery was located).  In September 2018, however, there was still a lot more work to do to prepare this site, and so in readiness for our "Last Coals to Leeds" event at the end of September the plaque was installed in a temporary location beside the railway track.

An unveiling ceremony for the plaque was then held on Friday 21st September, although the weather on that day hardly turned out to be kind to this event, as you can see from the number of umbrellas that appear in the pictures below.  The unveiling was performed by Councillor Judith Blake, as the leader of Leeds City Council, who had sponsored the whole project through their Community Wellbeing Fund.  She was assisted by Charles Milner, our chairman, and by Councillor Paul Truswell, who represents the Middleton Park ward.

Charles Milner introducing the ceremony



Charles Milner began the proceedings by giving a brief explanation of the history of the colliery and its significance both to the local community and to the railway.  The railway track itself is just out of the picture on the left-hand side.

Picture © Tony Cowling, 2018

Councillor Judith Blake explaining the importance of the plaque



Councillor Judith Blake, sheltering under an umbrella held by one of our volunteers, responded by explaining the importance of this commemoration to Leeds City Council.

Picture © Tony Cowling, 2018

The unveiling



Councillor Judith Blake unveils the plaque, with Charles Milner looking after the other end of the cords that had been holding the union flag in place over the plaque.

Picture © Tony Cowling, 2018

Councillors with the plaque



Councillors Paul Truswell (left) and Judith Blake (right) pose with the plaque.

Picture © Tony Cowling, 2018

the plaque



The design and wording of the plaque.

Picture © Tony Cowling, 2018

last coals to Leeds

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